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The power of open banking payments

This event was hosted on 24 February 2021, and now the recording is available on-demand. 


  • Ossama Soliman, Chief Product Officer, TrueLayer
  • Damon Roberts, Product Manager, Freetrade
  • Joshua Fernandes, Head of Open Banking, Revolut
  • Boaz Valkin, Head of Product, Cazoo
  • Wol Akec, Product Manager, TrueLayer

With adoption of bank to bank payment on the rise across Europe and Strong Customer Authentication proving a conversion killer for cards, payment leaders are reassessing their payments strategy.

Open banking APIs present an opportunity for payments leaders to differentiate and drive customer loyalty, improve conversion and reduce fraud, while meeting old and new regulatory requirements. Access this recording to:

  • Learn how open banking increases conversion by 20% over cards and achieves payment success rates of 95%+
  • Understand how open banking payments play into new regulation like SCA 
  • Watch a real demo of open banking in action
  • Learn about a new industry onboarding and payment solution - PayDirect – powered by open banking

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