Build high converting payment flows with open banking

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Build high converting payment flows with open banking

This event was hosted on 28 April 2021, and the recording is now available on-demand.


  • Will Johnston, Head of Integration, TrueLayer
  • Desislava Genova, UX/UI Design Lead, TrueLayer
  • George Atanasov, Head of Design, Trading 212
  • Laurie Jane, Product Manager, Tandem Bank
  • Kevin Floyd, Product Owner, Lloyds Banking Group

Open banking has created a new way to pay, offering merchants the security and speed of bank transfers with conversion up to 40% higher than cards.

Building high converting open banking flows is a science we've honed by working closely with our clients. In this webinar we'll share our secrets, giving you the blueprint for creating payment experiences customers will love.

Access this recording to learn:

  • How open banking stacks up against other options
  • The blueprint for high-converting flows –
    UX advice, proven strategies and demos 
  • Lessons learned from product & design leaders at Tandem Bank and Trading 212
  • The bank perspective: how banks are optimising their side of the open banking journey

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